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Over the first couple of months of the new year, we’ve been adding a fair number of artists to our rotation … and it’s looking like there is going to be a whole lot more great new roots music coming in the months ahead.

Here’s a bit of a recap, in video form, of our most recent additions to the playlists.

The Honeycutters are a terrific country band with a whole lot of solid tradition in their approach to the music. This is a tune from their most recent record, “On The Ropes“.


The Ballroom Thieves are a trio out of Boston. We’ve been giving them a lot of time lately, quite simply because they are one of the most exciting young bands we’ve come across in a good long time. With two albums to their credit, they are still evolving their very diverse style, but it seems like no matter what sort of roots music they approach, the result is terrific.

Here’s one from the most recent record, “Deadeye“.


Gurf Morlix is one of the most criminally underrated songwriters out there. He is another of the great Texas songwriters, and he has written for, worked with and produced some terrific artists, including a lengthy stint with Lucinda Williams. Gurf has a handful of great records of his own, and a new one (The Soul and The Heal) coming the first week of February that we’ve been spinning a few tracks from the last week or two.

Here’s a track from his last album, “Finds The Present Tense“.


Austin Lucas is a young man, fully steeped in the traditions of country music … the sort of music we used to hear from guys like Merle Haggard and George Jones. This is the lead track from his most recent album “The Moon and The Midwest“.


The Infamous Stringdusters really need no introduction for those who follow Bluegrass music in any serious way. A great group of instrumentalists, with great songs and fabulous harmonies. The were one of the first out of the gate in 2017 with a new record, and it was a Feature Album of the Week here on FolkNRoots Radio.

Here’s a tune from the new record, “Laws of Gravity“.


When it comes to roots music, the only sure thing is that there is more great music out there than one person could listen to in a lifetime, and there’s always more coming down the pipe. So get out there and support the music you love.

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