Feature Album of the Week – Dancing With The Beast from Gretchen Peters

June 18, 2018 | By

A new record from Gretchen Peters is something to be anticipated, and then enjoyed while giving one’s full attention to every word, and every musical nuance in each track.

Gretchen is, from my perspective, one of the very best songwriters working today, and an artist in every sense of the word.

Dancing With the Beast is the Feature Album of the week on FolkNRoots Radio.

The songs are beautiful little vignettes that draw the listener into the world of the central character, whether it be an aging person wrestling with the life they’ve lived (Arguing With Ghosts), an abused child forced to deal with things herself (Wichita), the mother of a veteran who came home, but didn’t come back (Disappearing Act) or someone who has moved away from society because of what it has become (Lowlands).

Lowlands is definitely one of the most poignant commentaries on life under the Trump regime that I have heard.

And that’s just side one of this exceptional album.

Dancing With the Beast is an album gifted to us by a writer at the peak of her artistic powers. Take the time to sit down and listen to each of these songs with your full attention and you will be rewarded fully.

And of course remember, if you like the tunes, buy the records.

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