Feature Album of The Week : Deadeye from The Ballroom Thieves

January 20, 2017 | By

Who are The Ballroom Thieves? The simplest answer goes like this: guitarist Martin Earley, cellist Calin Peters, and drummer Devin Mauch.

That’s an unusual instrumental dynamic, to be sure.

I heard this band for the first time, just a couple days ago, but I was immediately captivated by their energy and their harmonies. I jumped on a bit of a YouTube train and started exploring their songs and their sound.

I discovered a group with an exceptional stylistic range, a whole lot of great songs, and a really tight sound.

They had released their first album, A Wolf In The Doorway back in 2015, and the success of the record led to nearly two years of non stop touring. It came close to tearing the band apart, according to the bio on their web site, but it also proved to them the power of the music they were creating and performing, to bring them together again.

Coming off the road for a few weeks in a row, they began the process of putting together their follow up record, Deadeye, which was released in October 2016.

Deadeye is the Feature Album of the Week on FolkNRoots Radio, and it puts the group’s tightness and stylistic range on full display, with a set of songs that runs the gamut from quiet, acoustic folk, to angry, roots rock stomps.

The songwriting is as tight as the performances, with never an unnecessary note committed to tape, even if it means one of the best tunes on the album, “Blood Run Red” comes in under two minutes.

Check out this exceptional second release from this Boston trio. First full play through goes Saturday, January 21 at 4 pm eastern, right after Twenty Eight Tunes. And if you like the tunes, go buy the record!

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