Feature Album of the Week – Shouted, Written Down and Quoted from Greensky Bluegrass

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What are Greensky Bluegrass?

Well, as their name suggests, they are a bluegrass band … though some purists would argue. There’s no fiddle, but there are no drums either.

They are a true indie band, with their own label … whose last release debuted at #1 on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart.

They are a band focused on providing a complete experience with their live shows, including arena rock light shows.

They are a serious recording band, who have just released their fifth studio record. It’s titled “Shouted, Written Down and Quoted“, and it’s a brilliant set of 11 tunes, written primarily by mandolinist Paul Hoffman and guitarist Dave Bruzza.

The record is wide ranging and diverse, yet it comes across clearly as a focused statement from a focused band of exceptionally talented acoustic musicians, who have no fear of stretching and experimenting. The track ‘Room Without a Roof‘ features electric instrumentation in a very layered mix.

With the exception of ‘Living Over‘, a seven minute plus extended improvisation, what might be missing for some of the fans of the band’s live shows, is the Jam in the JamGrass that Greensky have come to exemplify on tour. But having said this, GB are a band who obviously care about songs and songwriting. A studio record is a place to put the songs “on the record”, so to speak. Out on the road, the extended jams and improvisational exploration of the tunes can be followed where the spirit of the moment leads.

Finally, despite the exploration and the pushing of boundaries, Greensky Bluegrass is a band working solidly in the tradition set out before them by the pioneers of bluegrass music, and their respect for the tradition is clear in every track of the new record … just as it is in the extended jams of their live shows. This is serious music, from musicians who take their art seriously.

What are Greensky Bluegrass? They are a group of five very talented musicians, who are willing to take their exploration of the possibilities inherent in bluegrass where ever their artistic muse leads. At the end of the day, that’s what any sort of meaningful music should be about.

Shouted, Written Down and Quoted” is the Feature Album of the Week on FolkNRoots Radio. First full play through happens at 4pm EDT at www.folknrootsradio.com . You can check the schedules on the web site for more opportunities throughout the week to hear this fine new record from a group who are leading the charge of bluegrass music into the 21st Century.

Check out the video of a live performance of “Living Over”, included here.


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