Feature Album of the Week – Silhouette of Sirens from Chastity Brown

May 20, 2017 | By

Our Feature Album this week is the brand new record from Chastity Brown, “Silhouette of Sirens”.

We’ve been spinning a couple of the tracks for the past couple of weeks, and the full album dropped yesterday.

Chastity brings influences from Americana Soul and Gospel, along with strong roots in Folk music to inform her own brilliant songwriting.

She spent much of 2016 touring alongside Ani Difranco, and with luck, this just might be her breakthrough album.

In her own words:

What I’ve realized is that the personal is political. Just by me being a bi-racial, half-black, half-white woman living in America right now is political. Just being a person of color, a queer woman of color, for that matter, is freaking political. My focus, as far as this record, I guess it’s really been psychological. I’m really intrigued by the perseverance of the human spirit and the complexities and contradictions that we embody as human beings.”

First full play through of the album is Saturday, May 20 at 4 pm eastern. Check the web site schedules for more chances to hear this terrific record throughout the week.

Remember, if you like the tunes, buy the record!

Here’s a clip of a wonderful live performance of one of the songs on the album.

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