Feature Album of the Week – The Weight of These Wings from Miranda Lambert

December 3, 2016 | By

There was a lot of buzz in anticipation of this new record from Miranda Lambert. Miranda is, after all, a pretty big deal in Country Music, and The Weight of These Wings was going to be a double CD release. That’s a lot of music.
Then there was the talk that Lambert was moving away from pop mainstream country and, perhaps, more into the Americana Country spectrum.

So my first listen came with a lot of expectations and baggage … which on one level is not a good way to approach new music.

After listening front to back a couple of times, my conclusion is that there is a single CD’s worth of songs on this album which by themselves make up something much more in line with the buzz and excitement preceding the record’s release than does the double CD.

Given that we can only accommodate a single CD in our Feature Album of the Week slot, anyway, it made for an interesting decision.

So what we have for you is my choice of 12 tunes from The Weight of These Wings which would, as a single CD, have made for a much stronger release.


But listen, at the end of the day, Miranda is the artist, and she gets to do what she wants with her music. Go get the whole double CD package, check it out, and see what you think.

And in the mean time, check out my downsized version of the record on our Feature Album of the Week, here on FolkNRoots Radio.

Here’s one of the tracks that didn’t make my version of the record … the big single “Vice“.


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