Guinness Record Attempt By Epidemic Music Group

March 15, 2017 | By

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience 16 days of continuous live music?

Probably not … what sane person would … and yet that is exactly what is about to happen here in York Region in Ontario, Canada, in a town called Stouffville.

Epidemic Music Group, an organization founded by Kevin Ker, is the driving force behind what is, on one level, an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for longest continuous concert by multiple acts.

On perhaps a more significant level, it is a massive fund raising event for a group of 16 charities.

The whole thing kicks off at The Earl of Whitchurch pub in Stouffville, at 7 PM on St. Patrick’s Day … March 17. From that point the music will be live for 16 days, with no more than 5 minutes between acts, and no more than 30 seconds between songs … those are the rules set down by the Guinness World Record folks! No song can be repeated in any four hour block and once a performer finishes a set and leaves the stage, they cannot play again for an hour.

Oh yeah, and here’s the biggie … there MUST be at least 10 audience members at all times … and they must be awake … so even those performing in the middle of the night and the wee hours of the morning will have folks checking them out.

There are over 400 musical acts, ranging from solo performers to full bands, booked to play during the course of the event.

Here’s a link to the Facebook Page for the event, so if you are anywhere in the vicinity … and by vicinity, I mean south central Ontario … consider making a trip to Stouffville to drop in and be a part of musical history!

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