Just Under the Radar – The Playlist Problem

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One of the best things about running a radio station is that, if you are doing your job, you get to hear an incredible amount of great music.

One of the worst things about running a radio station is having to make decisions about who does, and who does not make the rotation, when there is so much more terrific music out there than can be accommodated.

From time to time we try to put out features on the web site which point readers toward some of the artists who are doing great things in roots music, even if they aren’t yet in the rotation.  So here are some of the artists that we aren’t playing regularly just yet, but we might just be playing soon.

Daniel Romano

Daniel was born in Welland, Ontario, and has released more than a couple of records. He has been quite varied in his musical output, crossing and re crossing boundaries, and just generally being a prolific singer, songwriter, band member, musician.

Here are a couple of examples of what Daniel does. His latest album is titled “Mosey“.


Wild Ponies

An East Nashville band fronted by Doug and Telisha Williams, Wild Ponies is riding the Country/Americana line which always seems to come down to the songwriting.

Here’s a sample to check out. Their latest record is “Radiant“.


Carter Sampson

Carter is from Oklahoma … they seem to grow great singer songwriters there … I’m thinking about John Moreland and Parker Millsap. Something in the water or maybe it’s just about being away from the ‘centers of the universe’.

Here she is with her song “Queen of Oklahoma“.  Her latest record is called “Wilder Side“.

Adam Ezra Group

Adam is a songwriter of note in the New England area, and he’s got a unique way of bringing modern style to roots music.

Here’s a tune of the group’s called “Hippie Girl“. Adam’s latest release is “Songs for a Movie“.

So give these talented artists a listen. Let us know if you think we should add them to the rotation. Oh yeah, and if you like the tunes, buy the records. It matters.

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