Lera Lynn & Andrew Combs – Cool Tour Pairing

May 19, 2016 | By

There is never a shortage of great roots music in the Toronto area, and I’ve been on a real hot streak of cool shows with excellent openers lately.

Tim O’Brien and Old Man Luedecke, Lynn Miles and Scott Nolan, James Keelaghan and Lynne Hanson … all great pairings I’ve been to in the last couple of months.

Coming up in July is a show I’m really excited for, so I thought I’d share some of the music of Lera Lynn and Andrew Combs who are doing a string of shows together this summer.

Andrew Combs is a young, up and coming Nashville singer songwriter who often plays with a great band. Here they are doing a session in a park in Holland.


Lera Lynn is a young woman who got a huge career break when she was hired to write songs, along with T-Bone Burnett, for the HBO show ‘True Detectives’. The real break, however, was being cast to sing the songs on the show, as the singer in the dive bar where some of the shows characters hang out.

It’s the kind of thing which can make a career, and Lera seems to be taking full advantage, as you’ll see in this clip of Lynn performing one of the songs from the show.


You won’t go wrong with this tour matchup if they come your way. You can find the dates on their web pages, and remember, if you like the tunes, buy the records.

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