Lynn Miles – The Beautiful Sadness of It All

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Lynn Miles released her first recording in 1987. It was a cassette tape, and it had a fairly bright pink cover.

It was the first notice served, of a brilliant songwriter on the horizon. I saw Lynn perform at a couple of festivals the summer after the tape was released, and I have been listening to her music ever since.

The records have continued to arrive, periodically, over the years, usually with ten or eleven songs, because although she is prolific, Miles has said that a record should only include the absolute best of an artist’s work.

A while back, however, she began to think that it was worth recording and releasing all of her songs. Thus was born what has come to be known as the “Black Flowers” project.

Every couple of years, in addition to whatever new material she releases, Lynn puts out a recording that is simply her voice, accompanied by her own guitar or piano playing, and consisting of a selection of her tunes. On any given “Black Flowers” record, there will be songs which have been fully produced and released in the past, and songs which have never been recorded before.

In short, she has taken on the task of documenting the work of a life time as a songwriter. In her case, this is a songwriter with a deep interest in, and understanding of sadness and hope, which is reflected in much of her work.

When I had the opportunity to interview Lynn a couple of years ago for a songwriting show I was doing at the time, I asked her about a line in a song called ‘Million Brilliant‘, which is on her most recent album, “Downpour“.

It’s alright, we’re in it for the long haul.
It’s alright, we can see the beautiful sadness of it all.”

This is how she responded:

“If I was going to have a phrase on my wall, that would be it. ‘The beautiful sadness’. Life is so bittersweet and the moments are so precious and fleeting, ‘the beautiful sadness’ is definitely my motto.”

The video here, is a song about the life of a songwriter … a ‘hardcore troubadour’ to use a phrase of Steve Earle’s. Lynn has been living this life for over 25 years, and it is, as she says in the song, her life, her choice, and her voice.

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