New Show – From The Mailbox – Debuts November 15, 2016

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We get a lot of music sent to us at FolkNRoots Radio. It is part of being a radio service, and in fact, we solicit it with the “Submissions” guidelines on our web page.

Some of the music that arrives, either as Mp3 files in the e-mail, or as physical CDs in the regular mail is so good it goes right into rotation on one or more of our shows. And to be fair, some of it just doesn’t make the cut.

But a lot of the music that arrives is good … often quite good … but just doesn’t fit with any of our current shows.

Our solution for this is a new show, titled “From The Mailbox”.

Every now and then, as we collect another set of this good but not quite right for the shows music, we will put together an episode of “From The Mailbox” and run it three times a week for a couple of weeks. The show will run Tuesday and Thursday from noon until 1 pm Eastern time, and Sunday from 1 until 2 pm.

Some of the music from these shows might make it into one or more of our regular playlists after a while … some might come back the next time around on From The Mailbox. Hopefully these artists will be heard by folks who dig what they are doing.

Here’s the first set of artists to be heard on “From The Mailbox”,

Cris Jacobs, Erika Kulnys, Bryan Clark, Folklaw, The Smoke Wagon Blues Band, Rick Adams, Cornflower Blue, Jessica Rhaye, Adam Karch

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