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At FolkNRoots Radio we are all about covering the spectrum of roots music, and getting as much of this great music into as many ears as possible.

We divide the days up into one and two hour slots, and then put together themed playlists to fill the time, along with a couple of hosted shows that cross sub genre boundaries.

Here are some videos representing each of our current themed playlists, to give you a taste of what’s on offer.

Check us out, and make us your go to source for roots music radio!

Americana Music

The Muddy Magnolias are a recent addition to our playlists, bringing an exceptional example of the strong thread of southern soul music in Americana these days. Here’s a cool rehearsal video of one of their tracks we’ve got in rotation at the moment.



The Infamous Stringdusters have been part of our Bluegrass rotation pretty much since we launched back in January. Their most recent record is a collection of tunes featuring a variety of wonderful female singers, called Ladies and Gentlemen. This track features Sara Watkins on the record, but for their live shows they have enlisted the fabulous Nicki Bluhm to carry take the female lead.



Harrow Fair is a duo who just released their debut album, Call To Arms. It’s a fabulous debut for any group, and we’ve added them to several of our shows, including the Canadian Roots Music show.

This is one of their tunes we’ve got in heavy rotation.



Country Music

We’re proud of the fact that our Country Music show features what we consider ‘real deal’ country. Sometimes that’s music played big and loud with a band, and sometimes it’s just an artist with a voice and a guitar … but it’s always about the songwriting.

This might just be the perfect representation of that ideal, Hayes Carll, Sake of the Song.


Folk Music

Folk can be traditional or modern, and it can be created by individuals or groups … but like country music, folk music is all about the words, the stories … the songs. Joe Crookston is a quintessential folk artist, creating and performing brilliant songs which always have something to say … he also happens to be a brilliant musician, as is evident in this video of his tune ‘Fall Down As The Rain‘.


Old Timey/Traditional Music

This is a show for music that is firmly rooted in the styles and structures of traditional American music … it could be argued that it is the music closest to the roots. Our show focuses on the artists of today who are taking the traditions, treating them with respect, and bringing them forward into the 21st Century.

Red Tail Ring is a relatively new addition to our library, but they are an excellent example of the music that is coming to us from this direction, these days.


UK Roots Music

North American roots music owes so much to the folk and traditional music of the UK, that we decided it was essential to offer a show dedicated to the roots music coming from the UK today.

Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin are a brilliant example of a duo taking influences back from America … particularly in their instrumentation as can be seen in this video featuring Phillip’s terrific dobro playing … and blending them back with the influences they take from their homeland.


As I noted at the top, we also have several shows which cross the boundaries of our themed shows. The Harmony Show, The Songwriters Guitar Pull, Women’s Voices and, of course, our flagship show, Twenty Eight Tunes.

These videos give an honest picture of the breadth of styles we have on offer on FolkNRoots Radio. So check us out, and make us your go to source for great roots music if you like what you hear.

And remember, if you like the tunes, buy the records!

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