The Roots of Roots Music – Bob Dylan

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It has been said, by Steve Earle, that Bob Dylan invented the job of singer songwriter. It could be argued that Bob took the idea from Woody Guthrie and developed it, but it is clear that the arrival of Dylan on the scene in the early ’60s changed the course of popular music, such that the jobs of songwriter and performer were no longer seen as separate.

Here are a series of clips of Bob doing his singer songwriter thing, over the years. It’s interesting that, for a songwriter who has been criticized for not being much of a singer, he sings well in all of these clips, though his voice has changed radically from period to period.

Blowing In The Wind – 1963

Dylan has admitted that he took the melody for this song from a traditional spiritual, but the lyrics were all Bob.


I Threw It All Away – 1969

After he went electric and after the motorcycle accident, an acoustic return.


One More Cup of Coffee – 1975

From the Rolling Thunder Review, Dylan’s travelling Gypsy circus.


Girl From The North Country – 1988

Returning to his roots as he has so often done, over the decades.


Not Dark Yet – 1999

This appears to be a clip of Dylan fronting Eric Clapton’s band, as that is Eric on guitar and Steve Gadd on drums. Definitely one of Bob’s latter day gems.


The Times They Are A Changing – 2010

Another return to the roots, at a celebration of the Civil Rights Movement at the White House.

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