The Roots of Roots Music – Joan Baez

June 15, 2016 | By

Joan Baez has long been one of my heroes, as much for her activism and willingness to put herself out on the line in service of improving the world, as for the voice and music I love so well.

She started as a young folk singer with one of the purest voices anyone had ever heard.


Over the years she was somehow always able to maintain an awareness of, and connection with the next generation.



Always she was interested in making things better for those who were oppressed, changing things which were wrong in the world, and casting light on the evils of oppression.

And she has influenced, literally, generations of those who have followed in her footsteps … especially women artists.

At age 75, Joan is still out there, writing, singing and speaking her mind. She is truly an artist who has managed to grow and mature, while remaining ‘Forever Young’.

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