Way Back Play Back – Joni Mitchell with CS&N

June 1, 2016 | By

Generally speaking, we try to share high quality videos here, but this clip which came to my attention today, from way back in 1969, has so much roots music history attached to it that it must be shared!

Jesse Colin Young wrote the song in this video. It became something of a folkie, hippie anthem.

Here we see and hear Joni Mitchell covering the tune, backed by Crosby, Stills, Nash and John Sebastian. Not a lot of folks know that Sebastian, of the Loving Spoonful, was part of CSN`s original plans, but he chose to pursue the solo career that took him to Woodstock.

Joni`s relationship with Graham Nash, formerly of The Hollies, was the inspiration for the CSN classic, Our House.

Crosby, of course, came from The Byrds, and Stills from Buffalo Springfield.

So enjoy this bit of roots music history, and if you have some spare time, try putting together a family tree of this bunch on stage, and see how far and wide it leads.

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